Missouri School for the Deaf – Fulton, Missouri

Missouri School for the Deaf.jpgMissouri School for the Deaf – Fulton, Missouri
Established in 1851 this is the oldest school of it’s kind west of the Mississippi. In conjunction with the school is the Burney L. Fishback Museum which contains an extensive history of the schools beginning.

This 90 acre facility has separate facilities for elementary, junior high and high school students. There is no tuition charge for the students, it is funded by the state, just as the public schools are. Along with this there is no charge for the room and board for the students but they do bring there own personal items.

MSD is a boarding school. Comfortable living quarters and nourishing meals are provided for students. Residential Advisors supervise children during all non-school hours. The school term usually begins in late August and ends in mid-May. Classes are held 180 days per school term. Under special circumstances, the IEP (Individual Education Program) may require an Extended School Term. Such terms are provided by the school.

MSD provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities appropriate to the age level of its students There are field trips, parties, dances, games, captioned movies, scout troops, and numerous special interest clubs. At the junior high and senior high school levels, major competitive sports for boys include football, basketball and track. Girls compete in volleyball, basketball and track. Students participating in competitive sports must be coveted by health/accident insurance. Gymnasiums and a modern, heated swimming pool are provided for indoor activities.

Location: 505 E. Fifth St, Fulton, Missouri

Phone: Phone: (573) 592-4000 


  1. Vernon(gene)hibbs says:

    I was in mad in:
    I went to riverside school for the deaf:
    I move back to missouri then no school for me..