Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun – Kansas City, Missouri

Worlds of FunOceans of Fun.jpgWorlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun – Kansas City, Missouri
Thrill rides, kids rides and family rides are available at Worlds of Fun. Oceans of Fun have a variety of rides for all to enjoy while getting wet!

Call Center hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST Monday – Friday
7.475% Missouri state sales tax added at the time of ticket purchase.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus Card, and American Express are accepted.

Prices, dates, times, hours, and attraction availability are subject to change without notice.

Height is determined at time of visit. Guests with a Junior/Senior Admission who are 48" in height or taller at time of visit are required to upgrade to a Regular Admission.

Shoes are required at Worlds of Fun. Proper swimwear is required at Oceans of Fun.

RipCord, Grand Prix Raceway, and The Rock require separate admission fees.

Food or beverages may not be taken inside Worlds of Fun or Oceans of Fun.

For your safety, certain rides and attractions may be closed due to inclement weather, maintenance requirements, or other reasons. We re-open closed rides as soon as possible. No rain checks or refunds.

Information for guests with disabilities is available in the ADA section or in the Guest Relations Office at the Main Entrance.

Worlds of Fun reserves the right to be closed to the general public and Season Passport holders for private events and capacity limitations.

Directions: Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are located off the east loop of I-435 at exit 54 in Kansas City, Missouri.

To help you with your scheduling here are some milage estimates from a few different locations for your reference.
CAR: Driving distances: Columbia, Missouri 127 Miles
Des Moines, Iowa 194 Miles
Joplin, Missouri 159 Miles
Lincoln, Nebraska 207 Miles
Omaha, Nebraska 190 Miles
Sioux City, Iowa 287 Miles
Springfield, Missouri 170 Miles
St. Louis, Missouri 256 Miles
Wichita, Kansas 190 Miles

Location: 4545 Worlds of Fun Avenue • Kansas City, MO

Phone: (816) 454-4545

World of Fun and Oceans of Fun are closed from November 1 to April, check for actual opening date each spring. 


  1. Rachael Reed says:

    I am looking for coupons for 2 parks for the price of one. They used to have them. You can go to Worlds of fun one day, and then the next day go to Oceans of fun. I would be interested in purchasing tickets if this is still available.

  2. Thank you for contacting with your question. They do offer the two for one tickets which you can get by going to and purchasing the tickets. If you buy online the price is $4 off from buying at the gate. Have a great time!

  3. Shirley Yates says:

    I noticed the question from Rachael R. on June 5th. She asked about a 2 for 1 ticket. Worlds of Fun used to offer them several years ago, but I don’t think they do anymore. We, too, have tried to find them. You can buy tickets that INCLUDE both parks, but they are either the Ride and Slide (where you have to do both parks in one day) or a package that requires you to pay pretty much the same amount as purchasing separate tickets for each park.

    If I’m wrong, and the Two Parks for the Price of One are still available (one park each day for two consecutive days) please advise me on how to get them. We love Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun, but the cost is getting prohibitive for us. The Two for the Price of One tickets are not offered on WoF’s website. Thanks!

  4. The answer to Rachel is the only information we could find for discounted tickets. I wish they had the two for one deal too, but it doesn’t appear that they do any longer.
    The Editor

  5. The village for worlds of fun is really nice, but they could use recycle bins along with the trash bins at each site or at least one recycle bin at the center of each camp area. It was really hot out when we came in July and the camp sites as well as inside the park could use more misters or something to cool down at while walking around and especially when waiting in line for rides in the enclosed areas like in the prowler where you have overhead where misters could be hanging. I had a long wait for food at the chickie and petes at oceans of fun and when I finally did get my order it wasn’t even for the right thing. The girl that works at the Icee station at oceans of fun near the calypso cafe. She had braces and dark hair and when I first went to her I was asking about the sizes and prices they had and she didnt know so she had to keep ringing up the prices even though the sign was right next to the register. She also told me the blue icee cup was the smallest so I bought that but later on I saw people with a smaller green cup for icees. I also came back to fill up my icee and was going to pay after I refilled the cup and she yelled at me to pay for it first. Even her co worker made a comment of her bad customer service.