Anheuser Museum & Estate – Kimmswick, Mo

Anheuser Museum & Estate_1.jpgAnheuser Museum & Estate – Kimmswick, MO. Fred and Mabel Ruth Anheuser’s ancestral home is located in Kimmwsick.

This historic estate was gifted to Fred and Mabel Ruth in the 1940’s by his father, W. Fred Anheuser. Fred’s great grandfather, Eberhard Anheuser, was the founder of E.Ahneuser Brewing Company. The brewery later became the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company, producer of world famous Budweiser Beer, after Eberhard’s daughter Lillie married Adolphus Busch. Fred was the last Anheuser to work the brewery retiring as a Vice-President.

Through the generosity of Mabel Ruth and her heirs, this pristine river estate and its 23-acre grounds were donated to the City of Kimmswick. With the help of the Anheuser heirs, family and brewery artifacts and other memorabilia have been preserved for public viewing in honor of the contributions that the Anheuser family made to Kimmswick and the entire St. Louis region.

The Anheuser collection includes family heirlooms, antiques, portraits, and a family library. Accenting the collection are Mrs. Anheuser’s Westward Ho Crystal collection, a pair of 1904 hand-carved World’s Fair beds, and an original "Feasting Fox" perched on the bluffs overlooking the mighty Mississippi.

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  1. Sally Helton says:

    I inherited, from a family friend, some childhood photos of William, Frederick and Althea Anheuser. The photos are from 1908 and 1909. They were childhood friends of Virginia T. and Emilie T. Curry, whose grandmother was Emma Andrews Thornton. Their grandfather, James Hammond Thornton, had a livery business in St. Louis. Emma would move to Cincinnati after the marriage of her daughter, Helen Ann , in 1905. Helen was the mother of Virginia and Emilie. Virginia and Emilie often mentioned stories of childhood adventures with the Anheuser family. They were not related but Virginia;s book she mentions them as “Uncle” Fred and ” Aunt ” Olga. I am unable to determine, via an internet search ,if they are the parents of the above children. I also remember Virginia speaking of Mable Ruth and I vaguely remember when I cleaned the attic of gift tags from Mable Ruth to Virginia. I would like to return these photos to the family if they would like to have them back. Althea may have died the year her photo was taken. I do not know if William had any heirs either. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Very kind regards, Sally Helton

  2. I have forwarded your message on to the Museum and asked them to contact you directly with their level of interest. How kind of you to make the offer!
    Pat Watson

  3. michelle perdue says:

    My mother Lynn Hollis looked after William Straub Anheuser for the last 18 years of his life. He had a daughter Althea named after Bill’s sister who died aged 3. She passed away going on 6 years ago. Bill lived a very full life and died 2 years ago leaving us at age 98. He was and is very dear to us. I to have heard many stories about that time in his life at Kimmswick and all his childhood friends. And to answer your question Fred and Olga were the parents of Fred, Althea, William and Presley Anheuser. i am always happy to hear stories of this family.
    Michelle Perdue

  4. Scott Lapekas says:

    I have a knife made of real ivory with a picture of Mr. Anheuser in it through a peep hole. It was pass to me from my father who passed about 5 years ago, I know that he wrote to the company for info on the lovely knife and he was sent back about 3 pages of the history on it. The letter says that it is from the 1880s and that there were only about 110 ever made, the letter states that reps for anheuser gave them to bar owners as a perk for buying the beer. I was wondering if the museum or the family have any intrest in owning the knife for themsevles.

  5. I have forwarded your inquiry on to the Chamber in Kimmswick and asked them to contact you regarding your knife and the interest of the museum. Hopefully they will respond directly to you.

  6. My Dad Worked for Fred Anheuser From about 1960- April ,1976
    We Lived on the Property By Kimmswick Off Windsor Harbor Road All That Time I Knew Fred Pretty Well

  7. David Thornton says:

    I just read the comment from Sally Helton. Sally mentioned my great grand father, James Hammond Thornton. I would really appreciate any to communicate with her in hopes she may information or photos related to my ancesters. Thanks!

  8. Mollie Krall says:

    Looking for a picture of Mr. Busch and my grandfather John McMillan taken in front of a brewery where my grandfather had just unloaded two Clydesdales and two Perchons. My grandfather was a stockman/horse dealer. My uncle remembers the picture when he was growing up seeing the picture on the living room wall. Do you know if there is any knowledge of this? It would have been at the time the Clydesdales were presented to Mr. Busch.

  9. Jud Pankey says:

    My former husband worked for Bill. I was told his wife (I believe the name was Billie), lived in a famous hotel in St. Louis. I was also told she was the portrait on a famous soap. Does anyone know if this info is for real and when did Billie die? Did Bill have any children. I was also told some Anheuser’s loaned Walt Disney money and just look at his success. Just interested. The Anheuser family are amazing people and I love reading about their history. Jud

  10. Angela Hutchings says:

    I am a trustee for the Fred and Mabel-Ruth Anheuser Memorial along with Mabel-Ruth’s niece Dorothy Hatfield. This is the first time I have seen any of the post and we would love to get in touch with anyone who has pictures or other items regarding the Anheuser family. You can contact me directly Thanks Angela

  11. Mark Christenson says:

    My grandfather was a midwest Budweiser Distributor. He received and later passed on two Budweiser eagles. The Eagle has diamonds in the A and a banner with rubies in layed that the eagle is grasping in it tallons.
    I would greatly appreciate any history on this item.
    Mark Christenson