The Becky Thatcher Home – Hannibal, MO

The Becky Thatcher Home.jpgThe Becky Thatcher Home is the childhood home of Laura Hawkins, Mark Twain’s childhood sweetheart. In Twain’s writings, Becky Thatcher was Tom Sawyer’s sweetheart. Hawkins lived in the house during the 1840’s and the upstairs parlor and bedroom have been restored to their original appearance. The main floor offers a book store and gift shop for visitors.

Becky Thatcher was not a real person, she was a character developed by Twain after a friend of his.

The Home is Free.


211 Hill St.


Handicapped Accessible. 


  1. Barbara Robinson says:

    could you let me know if there are any more attractions near this home Thank you

  2. Thank you for contacting us about your upcoming trip to Hannibal. There is a lot to do and see in the area, if you go to the search box and type in Hannibal it will give you those attractions that are in the immediate area that you would probably enjoy. You can also click on the tab for Northwest and see what else is in the northwest section of the state.

    We hope you enjoy the adventures of Huck and Tom while in Missouri!