Truman Presidential Museum & Library – Independence, Missouri

Truman Library 2.jpgTruman Presidential Museum & Library – Independence, Missouri Permanent museum attractions include Harry S. Truman: The Presidential Years, an exhibit featuring two decision theaters, audio and video programs and artifacts to engage visitors in the issues and events surrounding the Truman Presidency.

Harry S. Truman: His Life and Times, focuses on his pre and post presidency and includes 10 audio visual stations and a children’s area. The museum also offers a replica of the Oval Office, an Academy Award winning film by Charles Guggenheim and a gift shop.

Truman Office.jpg"Harry S. Truman: The Presidential Years"
Presidential GalleryTruman Library 1.jpg

The major issues and events of Harry Truman’s Presidency are highlighted in this new 10,500-square-foot core exhibition. Featuring two decision theaters, enhanced audio and video programs, and new interactive elements, this exhibition forms the centerpiece of the Truman Library’s ambitious museum renovation.

"Harry S. Truman: His Life and Times"
Lower Level Gallery

This major new permanent exhibition highlights the personal side of the life of Harry Truman and his family. Featuring many important objects from the Truman Library collections, this exhibition follows the lives of the Trumans primarily through the many letters exchanged between Harry and Bess Truman over the years.

Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Open Sundays, Noon to 5:00 p.m.

Admission to the Truman Presidential Museum & Library is:

$8 for adults,
$7 for seniors,
$3 for children ages 6 to 18,
Free for children 5 years and under.
There is no admission to enter the Museum Store.

24-hour information line: (800) 833-1225

Directions to the Library
The Truman Presidential Museum & Library (500 W. U.S. Highway 24, Independence, Missouri 64050-1798) is approximately 35 miles from Kansas City International Airport. Bus service, indirect and possibly requiring considerable time and patience, is available between the airport and Independence Square, which is about 1 mile from the library. A taxi ride from the airport to the library costs about $55.00. There are many routes to the library by road. Some of the most direct are as follows:

from the airport: east and south on I-435 (Kansas City’s circumferential highway) about 32 miles, to U.S. 24, and then east 3 miles to the library, visible on the north side of U.S. 24.;

from the north: I-35 to I-435 east then south to U.S. 24 east.;

from the east: I-70 to Noland Road north (about 5 miles) to U.S. 24 west (about 1 mile). Watch carefully for the Truman Library direction sign at the intersection of Noland Road and U.S. Highway 24.;

from the south: I-35 to I-435 east and north, to U.S. 24 east.;

from the west: I-70 east through Kansas City to I-435 north, to U.S. 24 east. 


  1. sharon L. Lewis says:

    My great, great, grandmother Iffie Hambright worked for the Truman’s My great, great grandmother, had her wedding at the Trumans home.This was around the late thirties.