Wild Horse Herds – Eminence, Missouri

Wild Horse Herds.jpgWild Horse Herds – Eminence, Missouri
You can see the wild horse herd near Eminence at different times of the day grazing in the pasturelands surrounding the Two Rivers on Hwy V.

Since the government wanted to get rid of the horses and local citizens became involved and recruited the assistance of some legislatures the small band of wild horses has been saved. Although they are under the control of the Park Service, at least they are free and increasing in numbers for all to see and enjoy the beauty of a herd roaming freely.

The horses are believed to be the off spring of horses that were let free during the depression when farmers could not provide them with feed.

To prevent over population of the herd some of the stallions are taken out, gelded and then following tests to make certain they are healthy, they are put up for adoption.

The herd consists of approximately 35 head at the current time. These animals are wild, although they will let you get within 100 yards of them when they are grazing, they are not pets and you should not attempt to capture them. They are free, leave them that way!

Contact: Missouri Wild Horse League
P.O. Box 301, Eminence, MO 65466

Ph (573) 226-3492 (573) 226-3339 


  1. Janet Ferguson says:

    They are protected by Federal Legislation signed by President Clinton and brought about by Senator Bond. The Missouri Horse League is by definition of the legislation, charged with managing this herd.

    The story of the herd’s preservation is a wonderful one. I have received a copy of the legislation from Senator Bond’s office in Cape Girardeau. Also the Emminence, MO website has information about this herd.

    I haven’t been able to contact the Missouri Wild Horse League though I have tried many times. They don’t call me back and they don’t answer the phone. This may not be a problem, just what I have experienced. Many in the Emminence area cherish this herd and are eager to share their stories and knowledge of the herd.