Assemblies of God National Headquarters – Springfield, Missouri

Assemblies of God National Headquarters.jpgAssemblies of God National Headquarters – Springfield, Missouri an organization helping 55 million people worldwide.

From the beginning, Assemblies of God ministries have focused on evangelism and missions and have resulted in a continuing growth at home and abroad. Our constituency has climbed from the founding convention attendance of 300 to more than 2.6 million in the United States and over 48 million overseas.

Today, Assemblies of God people worship in over 12,100 churches in the U.S. and in 236,022 churches and outstations in 191 other nations. The aggressive missions programs of the church are designed to establish self-supporting and self-propagating national church bodies in every country. Ministers and leaders are trained in 1,891 foreign Bible schools — more than any other U.S. based denomination. The Assemblies of God has 19 endorsed Bible colleges, liberal arts colleges, and a seminary in the U.S.

The Gospel Publishing House is the printing arm of the church turning out more than 16 tons of gospel literature each day.

Daily guided tours include Gospel Publishing House. Groups welcome!

Location: 1445 N. Boonville Ave. Springfield, Missouri

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 4:30pm

Season: Year-round

Admission: Free

Telephone: 417-862-2781 


  1. Cecelia Davis says:

    Who may I contact about submitting devotionals?

  2. I have forwarded you a contact. Thank you for contacting us.

    Pat Watson, Editor

  3. BOB HOUCK says:

    I heard that the AG has CDs to sell. Where can I find info about this?
    Bob Houck
    Huntersville NC

  4. I have forwarded your request on to the headquarters and will await their response.

  5. Len Soper says:

    I notice in your information about the radio program, nothing is said about the beginning of the broadcast being called Sermons in Song. I was in the choir in 1946 and was a member of the Sermons in Song quartet, which later became Revivaltime quartet. Les Barnet had the choir first, then Marcus Gaston. I sang with the quartet till 1951, and we made many records. Just wondering if anyone remembered this part of the radio program.

    God Bles All

    Len Soper

  6. rosalie braswell says:

    we have a urgent need in order to reap a harvest in the world of people who we former drug addicts to help them be presentable to the public by having their teeth repaired . they are ashamed to go to church because of their appearance please appeal to men and women dentists of god for help

  7. bai.sauturaga says:

    where can i find sunday school? I live in Sydney,Australia.Appreciate if could help me.

  8. correction…its sunday school materials.thanks.

  9. hi, I just cant believe how assemby of God changed, I went to on in ill. and had to ask if this was a assembly of God. No operation of the gifts, no alter call, no alter. no prayer for healings,I just could not believe it.I thought i was in another denomanation.lots of people there.I know we got to have balance but no one was asked if they wanted to be filled with the Holy Ghost.What has the assembly of God churches become a shame of the Holy Ghost.

  10. I am looking for any info. on a Rev. Robert Lafferty. He was my wonderful pastor in Tamaqua, PA. in 1957 when I was a teenager. Can you help?