Crystal Cave – Springfield, Missouri

Crystal Cave.jpgCrystal Cave – Springfield, Missouri a natural cave with the only man made additions being the paths and lighting. Pictures are allowed anywhere so be sure to bring your camera.

The cave was first used as an attraction in 1893. It was opened for visitors seven years after the Mark Twain cave. It was the second one to open in Missouri.

Crystal Cave is not one of the largest caves in Missouri, but it is a real gem for those that visit it. It is "off the beaten path" a little so be sure to check out the location and book your trip to go see it!

The cave’s Washington Monument formation is a pair of giant stalagmites that leave no doubt whether they “might” reach the ceiling. They’re almost there. Massive vertical columns in the Cathedral Chamber have been broken in two and offset by some prehistoric seismic episode. Another room contains helictites, soda-straw-like stalactites that mysteriously twist and grow sideways.

Some of the extrodinary things you will see at Crystal Cave are:
A most unusual solution cavity extending 12 feet up in the roof rock and only 6 or 7 feet in diameter.

A flowstone formation showing the beautiful colors of Nature.

A splendid complex of stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, flowstone cones, popcorn, grapes, and coral.

Unique amoung Ozark caves … Some are perfect fossil crinoid calyxes.

Indicating that CRYSTAL CAVE was once an Indian habitat.

A truly massive dripstone column, about three times as thick as it is high.

A steep conical stalagmitic dome mounted by four more conventional stalagmites grouped as two Siamese Twin couples.

Location: 7225 N. Crystal Cave Lane Springfield, MO 65803
5 Miles North of I-44 on Hwy. H, Exit 80B (Just take Exit 80B off Interstate 44 and travel north on Hwy H to the intersection of Hwy H and Hwy KK. Turn LEFT and Crystal Cave is on your immediate right…Look for the Signs!)

Phone (417) 833-9599

Current admission prices are:
$9.00 for adults, $5.00 for children


  1. Wilma Crumrine says:

    Does anyone know why they are closed and when they closed. I would love to see it!