Harold Bell Wright Museum – Pierce City, Missouri

Harold Bell Wright Museum.jpgHarold Bell Wright Museum – Pierce City, Missouri
A museum dedicated to the life and writings of a pastor from the 1800’s in Missouri.

This building served as a church for the Methodist members of the community for a number of years. The Campbellites built the church which was known for its singers, and often had programs for the public.

Harold Bell Wright, who came in 1897 from New York, was the pastor at this church, riding in every Sunday from 25 miles away to preach. He wrote his first novel, "That Printer of Udells," while pastor at Pittsburg, Kansas.

The Museum contains the organ, and several pews used by the congregation. The organ and a chandelier hanging in the museum date back to 1896, when Wright rode a horse some 25 miles every Sunday from Mt. Vernon, MO to preach here. Artifacts from that time include a big church key which was for the lock on the original door.

A collection of world travel books from a local artist, Grace Tinker, are also found at the museum, as well as, most of Harold Wright’s books. A huge scrapbook containing a treasure of Pierce City history is the collection of Theron Bennett, former resident and nationally known ragtime composer.

Open: Sundays from 1-4 or by appointment made with the City Hall.

Location: 404 N. Walnut St

Phone: 417-476-2323

Fee: Donations glady accepted 


  1. Kristin Nama says:

    Actually the Methodist church is down the hill from the Pierce City Christian Church that HBW pastored in the 1890s. This church was a First Christian, Disciples of Christ congregation. Eventually the church closed and the building was given to the PTA and became the town’s public library. In 2000 the library moved to a new building and the former church became the Harold Bell Wright Museum.